We provide a specialized Game Console cleaning, tuneup, and repair service for the PS2 (Playstation 2) and XBox platforms.

These systems are sophisticated computer systems, and we have over 20 years of experience in computer repair. We have the tools and the expertise to do the job right!

Don’t trust your system to amateurs or ‘Do It Yourself’ repair guides. (If you don’t have the right tools or don’t have experience, then you could cause serious damage to your system.)

We have serviced over 734 systems!

Can’t read your game disks anymore? DVD’s won’t play all the way through? All you need is a good cleaning and a tune-up!

Accumulated dust & dirt is the # 1 reason for Game Console system failure!

Why spend over $100, when we can resolve your PS2/XBox problems for as little as $50? Let us give your system a major tune-up!

For only $50 for PS2 (US) or $60 for XBox, (includes return shipping & handling for Web orders only), your system can be as good as new! We have the experience and the tools for doing the job right! And we also do repairs!

Next Day turnaround time!*

30 Day Guarantee on all service and repairs!

The latest Game Console and GameMedic news:

Date Link News Item
Feb. 2, 2005 News.BBC XBox 2 to be unveiled in May?
Feb. 1, 2005 TheRegister Best PSP review I’ve seen yet.
Jan. 31, 2005 Computer&VideoGames PS3 Playable at E3 in May.
Jan. 28, 2005 TheRegister Sony preps Playstation music download service.
Jan. 27, 2005 GamesIndustry Nintendo DS and 15 game titles to launch in Europe on March 11th.
Jan. 26, 2005 Computer&VideoGames XBox tech details revealed in patent?
Jan. 25, 2005 ConsumerElectronicsNet XBox Live sets new online gaming benchmark.
Jan. 24, 2005 Joystiq New PS2 Super Silver Slimline coming soon!
Jan. 21, 2005 MediaCenterPC Sony opens up the new PSP UMD disc format to movie and music publishers.
Jan. 20, 2005 XBox-Scene Halo 2 sales reach 6.4 million units.
Jan. 19, 2005 SeattleTimes Microsoft games sales light up from “Halo 2”.
Jan. 18, 2005 TheRegister Sony admits that PSP updater is genuine.
Jan. 17, 2005 IndyStar Video games shoot into high growth.
Jan. 13, 2005 Joystiq Sneek peek at the Star Wars Episode III game.
Jan. 12, 2005 GamesIndustry Console shortages blamed as US retailers miss financial projections.
Jan. 11, 2005 Spong Gates predicts massive future for Xbox live.
Jan. 7, 2005 About Game Medic We’ve moved! We’re now associated with I.T.S. (Integrity Technical Services). We have a new address for our shop at 110 Copperwood Way, Oceanside, CA. But be sure to continue to use our shipping address for sending us systems. You can reach us at 760.809.1000 or 760.295.6601.
Jan. 6, 2005 GamesIndustry PSP expected by late March in US and Europe.
Jan. 5, 2005 USAToday Sony shows the PSP games at CES.
Jan. 4, 2005 PCMag Xbox 2 at CES?
Jan. 3, 2005 PortableVideo How to get videos and DVDs onto your PSP.
Dec. 30, 2004 GamesAsylum The year 2004 in gaming.
Dec. 29, 2004 MSNBC Top game of 2004?
Dec. 28, 2004 Ubergizmo Sony PSP will challenge the iPod.
Dec. 27, 2004 IGN Halo 2.5 for Xbox 2.
Dec. 21, 2004 GamesIndustry PS3 GPU to be completed by end of 2005.
Dec. 20, 2004 GameShout Nintendo’s DS outselling Sony’s PSP in Japan.
Dec. 17, 2004 PCMag A review (comparison) of all the top game consoles.
Dec. 16, 2004 DigitMag Hands on review of the PSP.
Dec. 15, 2004 Pro-g Microsoft to ship Apple based Xbox 2 dev kits early next year.
Dec. 14, 2004 IGN PS2 Shortages Cause Problems.
Dec. 13, 2004 Stuff Sony’s portable PS2 draws crowds.
Dec. 10, 2004 News.com PlayStation Portable’s tough birth.
Dec. 9, 2004 Presstelegram ‘Jak’ is back on the attack for PS2. – A review.
Dec. 8, 2004 DigitMag NVIDIA to supply Playstation 3 graphics chip.
Dec. 7, 2004 VnuNet Halo 2 ignites broadband gaming boom.
Dec. 6, 2004 Scotsman Playstation Supplies ‘Tight’, Admits Sony
Dec. 3, 2004 Joystiq Halo 2 sells 5 million units!
Dec. 2, 2004 GamesIndustry Sony faces global PS2 shortage; Xbox stock also low.
Nov. 30, 2004 GamesIndustry Dragon Quest VIII (Dragon Warrior) sells 2.2 million in two days!
Nov. 29, 2004 Techworld PS3’s new Cell processor chip on the way.
Nov. 26, 2004 HardwareGeek Review of the Nintendo DS.
Nov. 24, 2004 Biz.Yahoo Top 10 Games for this season!
Nov. 23, 2004 Benheck This guy actually turned the new PS2 slimline into a portable! Check it out!
Nov. 22, 2004 DailyTexan The phenomenon of Halo 2 – A review.
Nov. 19, 2004 ComputerandVideogames PS2 slimline shortage?
Nov. 12, 2004 GamesIndustry Massive boost for PS2 sales as slimline model launches.
Nov. 11, 2004 GameInfoWire Halo 2 gathers $125 million in sales in first 24 hours.
Nov. 10, 2004 F1Racing Davidson thanks PS2 and Schumacher.
Nov. 9, 2004 TucsonCitizen Holiday video game market looking hot.
Nov. 8, 2004 USAToday Xbox uses Halo 2 to herd players online.
Nov. 5, 2004 Gamespot Retailers break Halo 2 ship date!
Nov. 4, 2004 BBC Slimmer PStwo triple sales!
Nov. 3, 2004 Engadget Sony PSP’s weak battery life.
Nov. 2, 2004 Gamespot 2 million Nintendo DS units in 2004.
Nov. 1, 2004 GamesIndustry PS2 sales top 74 million in under four years!
Oct. 27, 2004 Money.CNN Sony sets lower than expected $186 price on PSP!
Oct. 26, 2004 News.com Big stakes in holiday game scramble.
Oct. 25, 2004 Newsweek Making the PSP Come to Life!
Oct. 22, 2004 GamesIndustry Xbox revenues up in September quarter, but division still in the red.
Oct. 21, 2004 IGN Checking Out the PStwo.
Oct. 20, 2004 GameSpot New PlayStation 2 (two) showing up in retail outlets.
Oct. 19, 2004 Yahoo Biz Sony and Coca-Cola Announce “Unwrap the Experience” Promo.
Oct. 18, 2004 Spong Nintendo DS will be Region Free.
Oct. 15, 2004 DigitMag Halo 2 for Xbox leaked to internet.
Oct. 14, 2004 Addict3d New images and Video of the PSP.
Oct. 12, 2004 DigitMag PSP on target for 1st quarter worldwide release.
Oct. 8, 2004 SeattleTimes Nintendo on track for Nov. 21 launch of the DS.
Oct. 7, 2004 Gamespot PS2 hardware shortage contributes to sales decline, prior to PStwo launch.
Oct. 6, 2004 Seattletimes 1 Million copies of Halo 2 pre-ordered!