Litecoin Slots Guide: How to Start Playing and Winning

Learn the slot machine mechanism 

There are plenty of curious facts about slot machines. At the very beginning, they were not as popular as they are today, and were aimed to distract women who came to the casino together with their men who played poker, roulette, and other “serious” casino games. However, the game changed very fast, and nowadays Litecoin slots and other types of online and land-based slots bring casinos about 80% of their income. 

The classic slot has a display with lines, reels, and symbols.

Reels are mechanisms with the ability to spin. They have different symbols on them (numbers, bonus symbols, wild symbols, and others). After the reels stop spinning, they form symbol combinations that read in line. Lines are horizontal rows where the winning combinations of symbols are formed. Depending on a particular combination, a player wins or loses. Slots are using complicated algorithms as pseudorandom number generators that make cheating impossible.

 The old land-based slots were equipped with a lever, but the slots of new generations as well as online slots have a button (or touch screen). A player starts a game by betting the exact amount of money. Once the money is on the deposit the game starts. A gambler presses the start button (or pulls the lever) and reels start spinning.

The advantages of playing Litecoin slots 

The cryptocurrency market grows at a high speed and the number of fields where this payment method is used is numerous. It is not a secret Litecoin and other altcoins are perfect for gambling. There are such benefits of playing Litecoin slots:

  • LTC casino allows you to play anonymously which means you can avoid restrictions and play from any part of the world.
  • Litecoin slots allow gamblers to deposit and withdraw money much faster than when using credit cards. There are no bank limitations because cryptocurrency uses the decentralized financial control system.
  • Litecoin has a high level of security. It has never been hacked. All transactions are very safe. 
Litecoin slots

The variety of Litecoin slots and other slot games 

Manufacturers of slot machines understand that it is vital to keep gamblers involved in the game especially when they are not newbies and have already tried all types of slots. That is why there are many varieties of slots:

  1. 3-reel slots are classic types of slot machines.
  2. 5-reel slots is a modification of slots that produce more combinations and more opportunities to win.
  3. Crypto slots are working according to the same rules as other types of slots. But there is an essential reason why this type of slot became more and more popular today. 
  4. Mobile slots’ main advantage is that they allow you to play on the go. The main criteria for mobile slots is mobile app usability. Some online casinos do not opt for a separate mobile app and create a website that has a good mobile version, which adapts to any of modern devices.
  5. Multipayline slots are equipped with more than 20 lines (up to 100). And sometimes these lines are not even horizontal lines, but vertical, and even zigzags.
  6. Progressive slots’ main advantage is the possibility to win a jackpot. This possibility increases with each spin.

What makes people play Litecoin slots and other slot machines? 

Concluding, here is an interesting psychological fact about gamblers and the nature of their attraction to slots. Did you know gamers find pleasure in playing slots even in case of money loss? The explanation of this phenomenon lies behind the change of expectations. When you continuously losing, and then you unexpectedly win you get much more positive emotions. This rule applies to crypto slots as well as to other types of online and land-based slots.