Our TuneUp Service

Can’t read your game disks anymore? DVD’s won’t play all the way through? Chances are that all you need is a good cleaning and a tune-up.

Accumulated dust & dirt is the # 1 reason for PS2 system errors and failures!

Why spend over $100 when we can resolve your PS2 problems for as little as $50 (including return shipping)? Let us give your PS2 a major tune-up!

We provide a specialized PS2 cleaning and tuneup service. The PS2 is a sophisticated computer system, and we have over 20 years of experience in computer repair. We have the tools and the expertise to do the job right. Don’t trust your system to amateurs or ‘do it yourself’ repair guides. (If you don’t have the right tools or don’t have experience, then you could cause serious damage to the PS2 system.)


For only $50, including shipping & handling (Web orders only.), your system can be as good as new!

We have the experience and the tools for doing the job right! We also do repairs!

Next Day turnaround time!*

30 Day Guarantee on all service and repairs!

If you live in the North San Diego area then give us a call. You can come by our shop to drop off your system for repair and get it back the next business day (sometimes in the same day). You can reach us at : 760.295.6601

We also get referrals from the local Game Stop, EB Games, and Game Crazy (Hollywood Video) stores. Visit your local store for more details.

Here’s what we provide as our standard cleaning and tune-up service:

  • Cleaning of the inside & outside of the casing.
  • Cleaning and dust removal from the CD/DVD tray.
  • Cleaning and dust removal from the fan.
  • Cleaning of the disk gripping mechanics.
  • Removal of dirt, dust, and hair from the laser snake motor, laser guide rails, tray lift gearing, disk spindle gearing.
  • Lubrication of the laser snake motor gear and laser guide rails.
  • Cleaning and polishing of the laser optics – including internal optics.
  • Check the drive belt and gearing for the tray lift and slide mechanics.
  • Alignment of the front/back & left/right positioning of the laser (Very critical and greatly affected by bumps, drops, etc.).
  • Measurement and adjusting of the laser CD & DVD settings.
  • Cleaning of the controller ports, memory card ports, video/audio port, usb ports.
  • Check the internal ribbon cables for the power switch, laser, drive motors, etc.
  • Testing of all 4 disc types – CD Music, CD ROM Games (PS1), DVD Movies, and DVD ROM Games (PS2).

The PS2 tune-up services are provided by Game Medic, a specialized computer services organization in Oceanside, California. Game Medic is not affiliated with Sony Corporation. Our tune-up services require disassembly of the PS2 system and will void any current warranties. (Usually only 90 days from purchase.) If you do not wish to void your current warranty then contact Sony Corporation about service for your system. We can not guarantee our services on PS2 systems that have been “modded” or have non Sony authorized modifications installed.

* Next day turn around provided if we receive the unit by 10am Pacific Time. Unit will be shipped by 4pm the next day. Otherwise allow one extra day for turnaround.