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Our Specialized PS2 Tune-Up Service – $50.00, price includes return shipping and handling.
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Be sure to securely pack the CPU unit only! Controllers and cables are not needed. Please ship in the original carton if possible. Unit will be returned in the same packaging. Inlcude your return shipping address, phone number, and email address.

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Game Medic

4225 Oceanside Blvd, M-120

Oceanside, CA. 92056

The PS2 tune-up services are provided by Game Medic, a specialized computer services corporation in Oceanside, California. Game Medic is not affiliated with Sony Corporation. Our tune-up services require disassembly of the PS2 system and will void any current warranties. (Usually only 90 days from purchase.) If you do not wish to void your current warranty then contact Sony Corporation about service for your system.

Important disclaimer: By ordering the PS2 Tune-Up Service, the customer authorizes Game Medic to service their system and understands the following: a) The service, repair, or upgrade may void current manufacturer’s warranty, b) customer assumes all liability and responsibility caused by or after service, repair, or upgrade. Parts that fail or malfunction during or after service, repair or upgrade are solely the customer’s liability, c) Game Medic does not guarantee the validity or integrity of any data or data transfer. Game Medic is not responsible for software and/or hardware compatibility problems. d) No warranties are expressed or implied beyond what is specifically stated herein.